PRIMO Engineering (Mark Primo Miller, P.E.)

Services I can provide for you:

Domain Email:
Domain EMail Services are the life blood of any business. I started out trying to provide these Services directly but eventually realized the expsense and time involved to fight off hackers and spammers was a losing battle. For this reason, I only recommend the two biggest providers in this Service, either Microsoft or Google. There are many other providers like GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc., but they all do poor jobs of handling the abusive environment we have out there. With the proliferation of Ransomware and other Malware that is deployed via EMail, it is imperative to have a provider that filters these problems out. Therefore either use Microsoft Office 365 Business or Google GSuites for Business. I have a relationship with Google and can provide 20% discount codes for the first year when you use my website link. Microsoft offers access to their Office products like Word, Excel, and Outlook, for an additional charge. You can compare their Services by visiting GSuites: and the Microsoft Office 365 pricing Page. If you need a free EMail account and don't need your domain email involved, visit or My Services are available to provide transitions from your current domain email provider to one of these providers. You would need to provide access to your Domain DNS Services to facilitate the transition. This would be the Control Panel website address and the User Credentials for your domain DNS Services. Feel free to go ahead and setup your Services and even add your Users. You can then provide a login for me to help configure the DNS Services to route your EMail to the new provider. I can also help with transferring existing emails and contacts if needed as well as reconfiguring local email client software like Outlook. You don't have to use Microsoft as an email provider if you use Outlook as it can be used with Google as well. Call me at 228-218-9523 if you want to discuss this topic in more details.
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Wireless Networking:
Wireless Networks are very popular these days. In addition to installing or extending inside wireless networks, I can do outside wireless networks, point to point up to 10 miles, or extended coverage in apartment complexes.

Shop Repairs:
I repair both Desktop and Notebook Computers. For Notebooks, I can repair LCD Displays, Hinges, Broken Power Jacks, Change Motherboards, etc. Most any computer can be repaired, it's just whether it is more cost effective than buying a new one. I charge a flat rate of $150 for shop repairs plus any parts. This way nobody is surprised. Some systems take a great deal of time, due to waiting on system scans or data recovery of drives with many bad spots. By using the Flat Rate Shop Repair Option you get the best deal. Turn around time is typically about 2 working days, but if parts have to be ordered or the system is being particularly stubborn, it could be longer. The labor rate will never be over $150, but more time may be needed to get the job done. I can't let a stubborn system hold up other systems in the queue. I typically stock memory and hard drives, but proprietary items like motherboards and power jack connectors require an order time which may extend the system return by about a week. When you get your system back, it will be fully patched thru Microsoft Update, have malware protection, and be cleaned and tuned up. I delete several key locations of files, that Microsoft for some reason leaves cluttering the system, as well as temp files. Then the system is defragged. It will be running as best as it can. I am very good at keeping all your data safe.

Onsite Repairs:
I can also perform onsite repairs. Typically businesses need this Service because they cannot stand the downtime. Rates are assessed at what appears fair for the market and the particular work being done and usually ranges around $75-$100 per hour. This is usually about half of big city rates.

Systems Administrator: Many small businesses cannot afford a full time Systems Administrator. I perform this task for several Clients that run their own Mail and File Servers. I work mostly with Microsoft Windows Systems (all versions) and have experience with Active Directory, Exchange, Terminal Server, ISA Server, and SMS Server. I am also experienced with most Routers and Online connectivity scenarios as well as Branch Office links and VPNs. I typically favor Sonicwall for Site to Site VPNs, but also work with other Vendors. I can do some basic Cisco configurations, but I am not a Cisco Guru. However, I do have several contacts who are and sometimes subcontract special programming to them for some of my Clients. I usually setup Remote Desktop connections and can perform many managment tasks remotely thereby keeping costs and dowtime to a minimum.

Server Monitoring: Servers are the life blood on your network. Small businesses without an IT department do not have the time or knowledge to monitor them for problems and sometimes they are even compromised and perform malicous activities without their knowledge. Some of my clients pay me a monthly or annual retainer to perform weekly audits of their Servers remotely. This is a very cost effective approach to head off problems before they become real headaches. Here is a list of some common tasks that I perform:
* Check Backup Routines and confirm Backups are being performed properly.
* Check Windows Event Logs for Errors and correct any that need attention.
* Run any necessary Microsoft Updates. Reboot Server during off hours to minimize disruption of Service.
* Confirm that definition updates of any installed Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Software are current.
* Make general observations for processes that may compromise the system or use unusually high memory.
* Check Security Logs for intrusion attempts and investigate any that warrant further attention.
* Check that Shadow Copies are being performed if enabled.

Data Recovery: I have been very successful at data recovery. I would estimate about a 95% success rate. In most cases your drive is able to be cloned to a new drive and then repaired. Obviously data on bad spots is not copied over, but most often this is Windows Systems files that are correctable. I also have software for marking off bad spots of disks which only contain a few and otherwise test good. I have other software that can recover partitions and data off drives that have been formatted or reloaded with a clean install of Windows. Obviously you may not get everything, but I have made some Clients happy getting irreplaceable pictures back. If I cannot get the data, the drive can be sent to a Clean Lab for a quote. Typically you can expect to spend $500-$2,000 for this type of recovery and most Clients decline that option. I have sent about a handful in for recovery, but the Vendors have yet to be successful, verifying to me that my methods of recovery are quite good.

Web Presence: I can setup a Web Presence for you. I can handle all aspects for you. Registration of the domain name, DNS Setup, Website Hosting, and EMail Services. I only do basic web design, but I can refer you to web designers for that kind of work. Alternatively, You could layout the site yourself in Microsoft Publisher or Word and I can publish it to the website. It is surprising how well this method works for budget minded clients.

Malware Removal: Of course, Malware Removal is a big part of what I do. Malicous persons out there keep me busy trying to stay up with the latest tools and techniques to be efficient at getting rid of your malware. People often ask me what I use, but there is no one piece of software that does it all. Many times it's just a matter of knowing what is suppose to be there and seeing something unrecognized. Other times it's a rootkit that hides and embeds itself inside normal system files. Those are the tuffest. If you want to try and remove it yourself, here are some excellent tutotials that use some of the tools that I use. Be careful though, you could make things worse. Especially with ComboFix. Its a good tool, but I usually save it as a last resort as it takes a good bit of time and can crash unexpectedly and leave you in a mess. Feel free to call me for advise at 228-218-9523.

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